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We sustainably grow and will soon be selling Australian Akoya pearl oysters from our farm on the NSW Central Coast. We also sell delicious locally grown Sydney Rock Oysters.

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Regeneratively grown


Discover the oysters of the Central Coast

Our oysters are sustainably grown right here on the sunny Central Coast of New South Wales. They are grown in the oceanic waterways of Broken Bay and Brisbane Water and are fast becoming a local (and not so local) seafood delicacy.

We grow two species of oysters; the already world-famous Sydney Rock Oysters known for their creamy flavour, richness and lasting sweetness, and the beautiful Akoya pearl oyster which has a unique flavour profile, texture and subtle sweetness.

The newly grown Akoya oyster can be served not only raw, but cured, steamed, poached or fried. The delicate flavour, enhanced with natural saltiness, adds a wonderful complexity and depth to the overall dining experience. 

Visit our Shellar Door to experience the delectable journey of our Akoya oysters from farm to plate.

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Known as ‘Guardians of the ocean’, our oysters are filter feeders which means they play a vital role in maintaining (and even restoring) degraded marine environments. They filter algae from the plankton and in the process clean the water – this helps sunlight penetrate which in turn promotes the health of seagrass and other underwater environments.

Pearling provides multiple services to surrounding ecosystems and communities. This includes employment, education and empowerment for people and extends to the protection of the marine environment – specifically the mangroves, seagrass and salt-marsh, known as the most efficient carbon sequestration substrates (‘blue carbon sinks’) on the planet.


Making the most of the whole oyster

Our home grown oysters (and world-class pearls) take years to successfully cultivate, which means that we’re extremely motivated to ensure that not an ounce of each oyster goes to waste. We’re partnering with some of the finest chefs/restaurateurs in the region and are very excited to be offering our rare and unique delicacy of the sea to the wider community of oyster lovers.

Our Akoya pearl oysters are great to eat all year around due to our farming techniques which allow them to thrive and build up large energy reserves which act as a fatty layer of protection. This layer, made of glycogen, looks good to the eye and also means that our oysters look creamy on top. All of this in turn enables chefs to keep Broken Bay Akoya oysters on the menu all year around!

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